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A Word on Reclaimed Wood

Posted by scrollsawlady on 7th March 2013

Want to get into woodworking?  Well, you think you would like to get into woodworking.  Here is really inexpensive way to do it and get a real work out while you are at it.  Reclaimed wood.

Know someone tearing down a house?  A Demolition in the neighborhood?  Ever see wood pallets on the side of the road?  All are great opportunities to grab up some reclaimed wood for zero cost!  We like free wood in my house!

Look at a little of what I am talking about here, just several of the pallets that I have waiting in my garage for me to take apart.

Too much work you say?  You are right, it is a lot of work, but boy when you are done destroying these pallets and making new wood out of them that you can use to make something you want for your yard or house…. boy does it feel good!!!  Here is just a little sampling of the reclaimed wood I have stored in my garage right now, tons more has been used and tons more is waiting to be reclaimed.  You tell me, is it worth it?  I think it is, I haven’t bought more then $10 in wood in the last two years probably!

That is just what I could get into that one picture.  Now you think about, would you like free wood for the rest of your life?  Hmm… nothing left for me to think about here, how about you?

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